Tammy Tate

First Impressions

Tammy Tate is good looking. Even better, she has a fantastic set of titties. I´m pretty sure those are fake but I love fake tits so I´m totally on board with that. Tammy Tate likes showing off her big titties because she´s doing it on the tour. Most girls are a little sheepish about getting wicked and naughty on the tour but this babe wants you to know exactly what you´re seeing in the member´s area and what you´re seeing is a beautiful young woman with big tits, a trim body and a nice ass.

Hot Promises

Tammy Tate is a smart girl or at least the folks that design her website are smart. At the very top of the page they list the number of picture and video sets she´s done along with the total pictures. You know exactly what you´re getting with this chick. They promise minimum 1024px pictures and 720x480 videos and then they hit you with a whole bunch of free pictures. For each set that´s previewed you get one big picture and three smaller images that are tasty treats. Check out those amazing preview shots if you want to know just how gorgeous this girly is.


I wish it wasn´t the case but the first thing I noticed about the member´s area was the advertisements. The member´s main page is loaded with them: I count at least 14, although a big chunk of those are placed at the bottom of the page where they´re mostly out of the way. It´s still super annoying. Amongst all those ads you´ll find the most recent additions to the Tammy Tate collection. There are little thumbnails for each along with the date the set was added. At the moment Tammy is gifting us with updates every 3-4 days and I hope that continues well into the future. Since there´s no bonus content she´s going to have to keep the site going strong to make it worth the money.

The picture galleries of which there are more than 80 are organized by month. The site came online in May 2008 so it´s been just over a year. The fact that she´s been able to put up that much content in such a short time is impressive. When you click a month you´ll see all the updates for that particular time with a thumbnail for each. The picture is always hot but since Tammy does little more than strip from something sexy in each gallery I wish they made a point to highlight that outfit in the preview image. Of course it´s easy enough just to click the hot shot and get a look at the beautiful girl in whatever sexy piece of clothing she´s wearing.

One of the reasons Tammy has been updating so frequently is that she´s been breaking the photo sets into multiple parts, which I see as a despicable practice. It inflates the number of galleries and makes the site seem bigger than it is. If a gallery where she´s posing in bed with rose petals all around is broken into three parts it´s still just one gallery. April 2009 had seven updates but it was really just three galleries, which means less than one a week. That is not an impressive update schedule. Thankfully this practiced started in April 2009 so it hasn´t yet affected the site terribly. Just subtract a few galleries from the total content count you saw on the tour.

The picture sets are pretty large with most have 125-200 shots. They display at 1024px, as promised, but something a little bigger would have been nice. Also, the photography is lacking in some of the sets. I´ve seen more than a few blurry pictures and I can´t tell you how annoying that is. That issue doesn´t dominate the content though. For the most part you´re looking at nice pictures of this exceptionally beautiful girl.

Tammy Tate is an alluring mix of the typical sweet teen model and the naughty girl that likes to pose in alluring clothes and tempt her members with her naked body. As you probably noticed on the tour she has amazing fake tits and they are the centerpiece of every set. If she´s not pulling them out and showing them off naked then she´s wearing something that enhances them. This cutie knows that if you´re joining the site chances are good you´re doing it because you saw her big knockers on the tour and you wanted a look at them in high resolution. I was pleased to discover that she flashes her pussy on a regular basis too. I was sure that it would be all clean but this gorgeous young lady has no problems flashing her bush.

The presentation of the videos is not as impressive as the picture galleries. Once again they´re organized by month but it just shows how infrequently they´re updated. The site launched in May 2008 (at least according to the picture gallery updates) and there wasn´t another video added until September of that year. 25 is the correct count but it´s not a big number considering how long the site has been around.

The videos aren´t that entertaining, either. Tammy is rarely doing much of anything in them. Several are just filmed versions of her photo sets and while I can appreciate that I´d much rather see her actually performing for the camera. I want to see a striptease where she shakes her ass and runs her hands over her tits and pulls on her nipples. I want to see her fingers dancing over her pussy, she doesn´t necessarily have to masturbate, and I want it to seem like she´s aroused by performing. Instead it´s more like she´s just hanging out while the camera captures images of her. I can understand where some people might like that type of scene though.

It costs $34.95 for a month´s membership to Tammy Tate´s site and that´s too much money, especially for the amount of content you´re getting. There are no bonus sites offered but they do have a bunch of other sites they´d like you to join as well. The same folks run a number of them and I can´t help but think they´d be a lot smarter if they let you join them all for the same low price.

Croco´s Opinion

Tammy Tate is a great looking chick with a perfect set of tits and her site has hot picture galleries and videos for you to appreciate. The image sets are my favorite part of the collection as Tammy poses in sexy or cute outfits and strips out of them to give us a look at her beautiful boobs and in some cases her slick young pussy. I love her outfit selection, especially when she goes for a naughty lingerie set. I´m less impressed with her videos. They don´t do anything particularly special and many are just filmed versions of photo shoots. They look great at 1024x576 though. I think the site is too expensive but there´s more than enough content to keep you entertained for a while and you can download zips of all the galleries so you can keep them around long after you´ve canceled.


The site is a breeze to navigate but they only offer one screenshot per video, which is frustrating.

Pricing Policy

$34.95 for 30 days and $69.95 for 90 days.

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